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Center Info.

Owned and operated by Angie, and Allen Brown

Staff members have complete FBI and Sled background checks. Our staff is required to have 15 hours annually, and be certified in Infant and Child CPR, First Aid, and Blood Bourne Pathogens.


Mission Statement

Our mission at Kids Paradise is to provide a safe, well maintained developmentally appropriate environment for your child to learn and grow. We offer families the highest standards in early care and education.  Kids Paradise wants to be an active participant in your child’s growth and development.


Center Discipline Policy: Children at our Center will not receive physical punishment. In situations where conflict occurs, time out is used, and children will be encouraged to verbalize their anger and concerns. We strongly believe in positive reinforcement and redirection as the solution to conflict, as this removes the children from the situation calmly and allows them time to reflect on what they have done.

            Here at Kids Paradise, we feel a child-center approach is the most effective way for teaching young children. We incorporate natural surroundings into our classroom and encourage social interaction. Each child brings with them to the Center individual qualities that add to the uniqueness of our program.  The staff at our Center is caring and well educated, all fostering the ideal that the well-being and creative progress of each child is most significant. Our goal is to create a nurturing environment where children feel safe to learn, grow and explore. Through active hands-on learning, the children will develop emotionally, physically, cognitively, and socially.

Late Fees: The school closes at 6:00 p.m.  A $5 fee will be charged for every minute that the parent/Guardian is late picking up the child after 6:00 p.m. This fee is to discourage being late, our staff wants to get home to their families just like you do.

What To BringYour child needs to be dressed in comfortable clothing each day. We ask that you bring a complete change of seasonal clothes to keep in the cubby at all times, including socks and underwear. If your child has to use his back-up clothing, we ask that you take home the soiled clothing, and replace his backup clothing immediately. Please label all of your child’s clothing with his/her name and send in a large zip lock or plastic bag.

If your child is not potty-trained, diapers and wipes must also be provided. When your child is being potty trained, there may be certain deapers asked for, this is to help with the process, not to cause any undo stress. Additionally, seasonally-appropriate clothing is also required.

If your child has a blanket, or other self-soothing object on which he/she is fairly dependent, certainly feel free to bring that to the school and share your child’s needs with the teacher. A bag, tote or backpack is helpful in carrying things to and from school.

Daily Schedule:

In order to have breakfast, you must arrive and have your child in class on their scheduled time to eat. To be in attendance for the day, you have to arrive by 10 am.

Daily events will be posted on the Parent Bulletin Board. Additionally, a weekly newsletter will be sent home, to keep you informed of the center’s events and activities. Any announcements or documents for parents will be placed in the child’s individual cubby or folder.

Nap Time:     Children that don’t sleep are required to rest quietly. Some children require more sleep than others.

Photographs:   Pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Kids Paradise is required to obtain permission to utilize photographs of your child taken while attending the school. Photos may be taken for school projects, bulletin boards, website, weeks in review, mementos or the like, in accordance with each parent’s wishes as indicated on the Consent to Utilize Photographs form completed as part of the Registration Application.

Parental visits:   Parents are welcome anytime to visit our facility, as long as they do not have a court order in place saying other wise, and won’t interrupt the instructional time of the entire class. In the event there is a court order in place that limits parental access the center must have a copy of the court ordered document on file.

Updates on Files: It is very important that you update the files. We have to have a current phone number to reach you in case of an emergency

Releasing Children:  When you pick up your child, you will verbally give the password, and sign them out of our care, after being signed into the center that morning. If someone new picks up, that we have not met, and they are on the list to pick up, we will check their ID. This is how we keep your children safe. Please let anyone new picking up, we will check their ID.

Tracking Children:  Your child will be tracked daily, on our form. On this form you will have your password that you came up with, the time your child arrived at school, and the time of activities throughout the day, and when they go home.

Telephone Calls:  We invite you to call and check in on your child. Each class will have a telephone for calls from parents, and for emergencies.

If inclement weather arises, we will go by the schedule of the Horry County Schools, closing procedures. If they dismiss early, so will we. If they close, so will we. Full tuition is expected, as we cannot control the weather.

Illnesses   A call for the parents to pick up their child will be at the discretion of the director. This will only be done when other kids may catch whatever the case may be, and a doctor’s note will be required to return.

Emergency medical plan In the event of a medical emergency, these are the steps to be taken.

  1. Medical conditions that is out of the scope of the staff’s training
  2. Call 911
  3. Provide CPR / First Aid
  4. Call parent or guardian
  5. Emergency medical personnel will transport to Waccamaw Hospital, along with the director until parents arrive.
  6. Center will report these things to DSS at our earliest convenience.

Emergency Evacuation  In the event of emergency evacuation of the entire center, we will relocate the children to Creative Beginnings CDC. Physical address is 4047 Holmestown Rd. Myrtle Beach SC 29588. Phone number is 843-215-1234.

Menus will be posted weekly and you will have access to daily.

Holiday Closings

New Years              4th of July

Good Friday            Labor Day

 Christmas Eve December 24th close at 1:00pm, closed December 25th  for Christmas         

May 22 close at 1:00 pm and closed May 25  for  Memorial Day        

Thanksgiving (Thurs, and Fri)


Staff training days to be closed

January, Martin Luther King Day

February, Presidents Day

October, Columbus Day


Confidentiality A child’s record, emergency information, photograph and other information about the child or the family and information that my identify a child by name or address is confidential and may not be copied, posted on a website or disclosed to unauthorized persons without written consent from the child’s parent/guardian.

Physical Activity and Punishment   Staff will not withhold opportunities for physical activity, unless a child’s behavior is a danger to himself or someone else.

Absences  When a child is absent, there is no refunds for tuition. You are paying for a spot in a child care center, and staff still has to get paid. If your child is absent without paying tuition for a week, your child’s spot may be given away. Communication is key when we are responsible for your child.


Biting   While biting others sometimes happens with young children, this is a very serious problem. We will report all incidents of biting to parents and will work hard for this never to happen. If we cannot control this behavior to the point that a parent withdraws from the center, we may ask this child not to come back. This will only happen in extreme cases as a last resort.

Celebrations    We ask you to send in a holiday book for the class, not unhealthy treats. Parties will have sign up sheets for you to bring in at the appropriate times.

Food on our weekly menus will never be withheld from a child for punishment.


Supply list for your child’s room will be given at the time of registration.